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Don't be a chewy chocolate chip cookie

22 February 1989
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About Me
Hi there, I'm Pam. I'm just someone looking for a good outlet for some words to flow. This journal, is just a place for me to write what I like and talk about my day if need be. I also use this journal for reviews of books or movies. Basically, it's for whatever I want to write about at the time :).
My Movies
Harry Potter Series -- 27 Dresses -- Twilight Saga -- 10 Things I Hate About You -- Lord of the Rings Trilogy -- Remember Me -- The Last Song -- P.S. I Love You -- The Covenant -- Life As A House -- Moulin Rouge
My TV Shows
Lost -- Vampire Diaries -- Primeval -- Psych -- Alice -- Glee -- Grey's Anatomy -- Cougar Town -- 90210 -- Mercy -- Modern Family -- Say Yes To The Dress -- Reba
Other Favourites
Books: Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater -- Harry Potter books -- Maggie Stiefvater -- J.K. Rowling -- YA Fiction -- Nora Roberts
People: Andrew Lee Potts -- Heath Ledger -- Shawn Spencer -- Tom Felton -- Orlando Bloom -- Connor Temple -- My Family
Random: Sunny Days -- Dogs -- Germany -- Shopping


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